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These sections are devoted to providing in-depth coverage of some of our activities and personalities. Our aim is to enlighten those suffering from diabetes or are predisposed to suffer from this condition. This is achieved through real life examples of those who have gone through similar ordeals and have refused to let diabetes ruin their lives. We hope that these stories and articles will inspire people and strengthen them in their fight against diabetes.


I am Nidhi Tiwari, a Type 1 or juvenile Diabetic. I am suffering from this disorder for the last 12 years. In fact I Don't considers Diabetes as a problem, and I take it as a part of my life. I never feel that I am different from any non-diabetic girl. I enjoy my life to its best.

Diabetes itself is not a disease; it's just the malfunctioning of pancreas in our body. If one follows proper diet, exercise and medicines he/she can live a completely normal, healthy and happy life.
I was diagnosed as a diabetic in the year 1997, at the age of 14 years, when I was in 7th standard. I was loosing weight in spite of a good diet, I used to feel hungrier, ate a lot and still I was not gaining weight. In the school I used to drink water from my brother's water bottle and He complained about this to my father. My father was worried for me as he knew that these are the most common symptoms of Diabetes. The symptoms included unusual weight loss and more thirst, more urination and hunger. My father told this to our family doctor and the doctor advised blood sugar test. Papa was constantly insisting me for the test but being a kid I was afraid of the pain of pricking, so I refused every time. My parents were not diabetic so they were quite sure that I can not be diabetic. After a couple of months we shifted to Shahdol (MP) because of my father's transfer. I was admitted in a renowned convent school at Shahdol. Then I was engaged in my studies.


After about 7 to 8 months my health started deteriorating, then under the supervision of a doctor, my blood test was done and the sweetest fact of my life was revealed that I am suffering from type 1 diabetes. My fasting sugar level was found to be around 450. My parents were shocked, sad and depressed. Then we visited Dr. Sharad Pendsey at Nagpur for further check up and treatment. He planned three times insulin injections for me and advised me to follow diet chart, I followed his instructions sincerely and insulin on time. I am on insulin from that very time and it helped me a lot in coping up with the problems that arose due to diabetes. After I started taking insulin, I perceived weight gain and an improvement in my health from the immediate effect. After 6 months I went for my excursion trip from school to Agra and Jaipur and used to take insulin thrice a day during the trip. It was really a wonderful tour without any health problem. Some of my friends knew about my diabetes and they were helping me. My teachers also co-operated very well. After 2 years, in 1999 we came to Bhopal and Dr. S.Pendsey advised me to consult Dr. Sushil Jindal at Bhopal.

At Bhopal I was under treatment of Dr. Jindal and used to go for regular check-up and follow-up. Dr.Jindal is very much attached to Type 1 IDDM patients and he is concerned and caring for his patients, which builds confidence in his patients especially in juvenile Diabetics. We enjoyed picnics and film shows, he regularly keep arranging for Type 1, children. This boosts up moral of all new members of our Type-1 family and their parents.

I completed my schooling partly from Shahdol and partly from Bhopal. I scored excellent grades throughout my schooling. I got 84% in high school and 76% in senior secondary.

I completed my graduation in pharmacy [B.Pharm] from a reputed college in Bhopal and Post graduation [M.Pharm] from the University in Bhopal. All my day routine was absolutely normal during my college life. I enjoyed my college life a lot. During my graduation I went to Goa for industrial tour for 7 days. The only thing which I had to take care of is to take insulin on time. There had been no problems in my marriage. I was married in January 2008, at the age of 24, to Mr. Arun tiwari (25), who is a mature and responsible life partner and is presently working as a Project Engineer in GEI Industrial System. My husband is caring, loving, concerned and always helps me in my studies and health issues. My in-laws are well educated and supportive and they never curse my disease.

Presently I am working as a Lecturer in Bhabha Pharmacy Research Institute, Bhopal. My life, despite being a diabetic, has been normal and no major complications have been encountered by me till now.
My message to all Type 1 friend is, do not think that you are less than anyone else. You can have everything in your life - a successful marriage, a successful carrier and what not!

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